Koran vs. Christians   Victorious in the battle of armajidoun?

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Alvina Observer (4 years 4 months ago)

Aricltes like this are an example of quick, helpful answers.

Manuela FR Observer (4 years 4 months ago)

Hi ,entha puthiya kayntaohnum ille,Nammude Katthi prasu , Akki cheeran, nattaravi, iniyum ethra katha pathrangal alle. It was areal gud time . Missed !!!!!!!!!!!VA:F [1.9.7_1111]please wait...(1 vote cast)VA:F [1.9.7_1111](from 1 vote)

Eddie FR Observer (4 years 4 months ago)

It\'s great to find sooenme so on the ball

Panget Observer (4 years 4 months ago)

... No, there was not such a concern with muclilulturatism or offending any groups. So it might have been easier to say such things. And yet, here we are in the PC-dominant culture saying things at least as strong, and getting away with it!I can not even say we are going backwards!!!

Mony FR Observer (4 years 4 months ago)

Brief, accurate and to the point.It would make a great stkcier. As a matter of fact, a series of these quotes attributed to historic men of stature would sell well used as temporary graffiti via stkciers or temporary tattoos, buttons, magnets, bumper stkciers, t-shirts, calendars (think famous historic counter-jihadi of the month) etc.. Some enteprising counter jihadi ought to make some money with this via cafepress.

Ale Observer (4 years 4 months ago)

Francis Scott Key-the precursor to the Star Spangled Banner--war-1805-whe n Jefferson sent the new Marines to fight the Barbary pireats:...And pale beamed the Crescent, its splendor obscur\'dBy the light of the star spangled flag of our nation.Where each flaming star gleamed a meteor of war,And the turban\'d head bowed to the terrible glare...FSKMadison finished the job in 1815 when he sent the fleet again...\"It is settled policy of America, that as peace is better than war, war is better

Nikolay W. RU Voted for Christians Christians (5 years 1 month ago)

Christians victorious in the battle of armajidoun !!!

†Nikolay† Voted for Christians Christians (5 years 1 month ago)

Jesus will win the final battle of Armageddon

Banjo CA Observer (6 years 1 month ago)

I don\'t even know what to say, this made things so much esaeir!

Lalaine US Observer (6 years 1 month ago)

Hey, subtle must be your mlidde name. Great post!

Bertie BR Observer (6 years 1 month ago)

Cheers pal. I do appreciate the wnritig.

By: BENLAITER , September 13, 2011


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